Top 5 Photoshop CS5 Features

Here is another video from Adobe senior creative director, Russell Brown, Top 5 Photoshop CS5 Features, which includes: Painting, Puppet Wrap, HDR pro control set (remove ghosts), New selection features and Content-Aware Fill.

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Photoshop CS5 Puppet Warp Sneak Peak

Russell Brown, senior creative director, delivers a new take on warping images and image elements in this early glimpse into Photoshops Labs, check out this cool feature in the video below:

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Photoshop CS5 Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek

Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Adobe Photoshop product manager, presents a sneak peak of the new version of Photoshop CS5 (shown below) that’s taken the Internet by storm.

Adobe demonstrates what high-powered image processing can really achieve with a new Photoshop feature — Content-Aware Fill. In what many thought was an early April Fools, the technology removes objects and seamlessly fills in the background.

Please check out the full article here:Photoshop’s content-aware fill: Adobe plays God with photos

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Converting Text to Tables in InDesign CS4

When you work with some imported table contents in InDesign, like from MS Word document, HTML page etc., the text are usually in a tab-delimited format, there are is no need to retype this text into a new table, you can easily convert it into a table, and here is how:

Step 1, create a textframe and import the text into it.

Step 2, click “Type > Show Hidden Characters” to determine how the text is currently separated. Usually, you will see tabs between “columns” of information and paragraph returns between “rows” of information. Also, check to see that all the columns have the same amount of tabs between them; it doesn’t matter if the tabs don’t line up and the text looks messy. All that matters is consistency in the characters used.
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Photoshop – make brick wall behind a model

This is a simple tutorial about how to make brick wall in photoshop, please look at the photo below for before and after effects.
for this demonstration, I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS4, but the steps are quite identical between different versions of Photoshop:
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Photo retouching – old photo repair

photo touching-old photo repair
this is a sample of old photo repair’s before and after, if you have some similar photos and would like to have a retouch service on them, you can contact us from here.

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How to turn a colored PDF into black & white

Very often, after I created an CMYK or RGB advert from InDesign, I need to convert it into a black and white version because of client’s request. unfortunately, Adobe’s InDesign, currently CS4, still does not have any export functionality to save PDF files in grayscale version.

Here is another way to do it, very easy: firstly, open your PDF file which is need to be grayscaled in Adobe Acrobat Pro, then, go to Advanced -> Print Production -> Preflight, on the “Preflight” pop-up window, under “Profiles” tab, click “PDF fixups” menu and chose “Convert to grayscale”, then click “Analyze and fix”, all done, save your black & white version now.

turning colored PDF to grayscale

turning colored PDF to grayscale

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